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Company Overview

Our residents, or as we call them, Unite-PG is a bunch of warm-hearted and welcoming people.

‘We are the best PG / Hostel Service providers Across Ahmadabad for Boys and Girls, We are having 100+ Happy Students and Working professional who are staying in our PG’s. ‘Users can see the reviews, tariffs, availability and other details all in one place. Our users are young adults who are passionate, determined and are aspiring to live their best lives. Unite-PG For – Boys And Girls Perfectly designed rooms and interiors give the great ambience for a pleasant living. It was launched in 2006 by Mr. Sajid Shaikh .

They are not just rooms but personal space to live a comfortable day after hectic and monotonous routine. Rooms are spacious,airy and furnished according to the need and desire of students.
A record maintained for each guest who has stayed at the Unite-PG. As we provide best service and keep in mind student's need and safety ,we have acheived name and fame in one of the best pgs.
whether a colleague or a guest. It’s full of life, action, stories and involves a great deal of variety. It’s never-ending drama. At some point, it gets exhausting but almost in a good way.

Unite Mission

Unite-PG is a startup that connects accommodation seekers and providers on a single platform, cutting out the middle-man.
All our properties represent a sense of belongingness that makes it a home and not just a place where you stay. We know that our customers work long hours and travel on roads full of jams, and that’s why we make our properties homely. So, you feel relaxed when you come back.


Unite Passion

Unite-PG was started as a solution to the intimidating and tiresome process of looking for a new home in a new city.
The speed with which young adults move from one city to another to pursue their dreams is marvelous, and we are here to support their dream by providing them with more than just a house.On the opening window, when we give the introduction, we aim to provide quality of living, maintaining standard of accommodation with modern amenities and safety on priority.